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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Rise Of Digital Indian

( Via ContentSutra) A study by JuxtConsult, an internet research consultancy finds:

- Digital is the new ‘symbol’ of emerging lifestyles among urban Indian net users
- Digital is increasingly dominating net users’ lifestyle choices.
- Digital friendly features top their gadget buying agendas.
- Netizens are fairly ‘integrated’ Indians in their media habits.
- More of them prefer to ‘invest’ rather than to ‘save’.
- They associate success very highly with ‘monetary’ success, but essentially look up to Indians as their role models.

For urban Indian net users, the digital age is slowly but surely dawning. They are using digital means of entertainment more and aspire to upgrade to a lifestyle that is digitally driven. Digital is increasingly dominating net users’ choice of passing time at home. Net surfing is the most preferred pastime at home already for one in every five net users. It is the third most popular pastime at home among them at 21 per cent and not far behind of the top two choices - watching television and listening to music. The three digital forms of entertainment together are dominating home lives. Social ‘interaction’ has to fit within this way of life, or else it gets left out. The lifestyle of net users is gearing up gradually towards a more ‘integrated’ and ‘digitized’ way of living. And that is increasingly determining not only how they spend time at home or when they go out, but also what products, value added features and brands they choose and prefer. The marketers who are using the net to reach to these consumers must catch these lifestyle trends to fit in and remain relevant, or they face the threat of being left out of the shopping basket of these netsumers.Amazing advancements pointing to impending transformation in lifestlye - we can expect more to happen in a country which has the largest population of young people in the world today.

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