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Monday, October 17, 2005

Enterprise Solution Platforms Displace ERPs As The Core Application

Barry Briggs points out new drivers for enterprise software are just now emerging - and how well companies adapt to them will determine their success, or, indeed, their survival – Compliance, Agility, Globalization, RFID &UI are to be seen as the five horsemen of the 21st century computing. IDC finds that the enterprise solutions platform highlights a shift away from ERP suites as the center of gravity in applications. Intelligent process automation speaks to the rising importance of operational decisions as the target for improvements in business efficiency. And the pull of compliance brings renewed attention to information governance across the enterprise. IDC detects repeating patterns of significance from the cavalcade of mergers, products, partnerships, and technologies on the enterprise software market radar. The competitive and high-IQ nature of software technology guarantees that the tide of significant advancements in the enterprise software industry will not likely be stemmed in the foreseeable future. The good news is that even in the post-bubble burst era, the flow of change, innovation, and investment continues.
Eight macro-trends have been spotted as operating in today's enterprise software industry and will continue to impact the industry for many years to come. They are:
- Enterprise Workplace
- Enterprise Solutions Platform
- Intelligent Process Automation
- IT Life-Cycle Management
- Information Governance
- Intellectual Property Management
- Dynamic IT Infrastructure
- Virtualization

As customers, and particularly CIOs, as well as software vendors and their value-added channel partners gaze over the long-term landscape of enterprise software, understanding such fundamental macro-trends may make the difference between success and failure, while a few more areas do come into my mind that could be added. The macro-trends foreshadow major disruptions in the software industry.


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