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Monday, September 05, 2005

Software Principles Via Google

Came across this interesting link via Jeremy where google outlines Sofware Principles. A well articlulated approach which starts by recognising that Google does not see the trend of spyware & popups reversing itself & that it can only get worse. As a provider of services and monetization for users, advertisers and publishers on the Internet, Google feels a responsibility to be proactive about these issues.As a first step, Google has outlined a set of principles which industry should adopt and is sharing them to foster discussion and help solve the problem.

Two of the key principles that Google lists:
Clear Behavior
Applications that affect or change your user experience should make clear they are the reason for those changes. For example, if an application opens a window, that window should identify the application responsible for it. Applications should not intentionally obscure themselves under multiple or confusing names. You should be given means to control the application in a straightforward manner, such as by clicking on visible elements generated by the application. If an application shows ads, it should clearly mark them as advertising and inform that they originate from that application. If an application makes a change designed to affect the user experience of other applications (such as setting your home page) then those changes should be made clear.
If an application collects or transmits your personal information such as your address, you should know. We believe you should be asked explicitly for your permission in a manner that is obvious and clearly states what information will be collected or transmitted. For more detail, it should be easy to find a privacy policy that discloses how the information will be used and whether it will be shared with third parties.
Excellent list – but obviously there are a lot of areas where this can expand – like testing rigour before release, support details and guidelines on modifying registry details etc

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