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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ruby & The Changing Nature Of Web Applications

Far from being a being part of a publishing system, Web sites are becoming programmable, much like a PC's operating system. Business would be able to tap into the Internet "cloud" and procure and combine third-party Web services from a public directory, too. We are in the midst of an age of radical change & advancement of the web world - huge changes are clearly in store in the near future. With application development becoming faster, cheaper and easier, new avenues of design, development, enhancements and collaboration gets opened up. Typical opportunities are :

- Decoupling implementation details of application design and implementation – a long cherished dream
- Making deployment such an easy job – deployment of applications can become an easy & casual act – enabling to bring lot more people to perform this activity –potentially lot more than ever witnessed in the past. Users gains new level of control over their experience. Personalization on-the-fly - both on design templates and content layout structures get enabled.

The foundational infrastructure like Rails, become an enabler – which applications can build on and thereby shift attention to other aspects of design and development. These applications shall have lot more clean design and elegance – in all aspects of the application. These are setting new standard for web applications and shall be a powerful catalyst in rolling out the next wave of such applications. A good introduction to Yukihiro Matsumoto, a.k.a. Matz's Ruby is available here and here.

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