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Friday, September 02, 2005

Nuggets From Jonathan

Jonathan Schwartz writes on the future of organisation , technology & business. Excerpts with edits & comments:
- There really is no difference between a 30-employee company and one of 30,000. It's always about your employees, customers, and market.( Am not too sure - the bureacracy and interlocks in big enteprises - how to account for? I think Jonathan is right its not big or small - quality of leadership is the only determinant.)
- You are not about to send fewer email messages, watch fewer movies, or download fewer songs. Demand is unceasing. It is up to us to meet it.
- The majority of the world will first experience the Internet through their mobile phones. There were a billion wireless devices sold last year and around 100 million PCs. The odds are much higher that you'll watch broadcast-broadband content on your phone than on your PC.
- Travelling provides a different perspective on the world when you go out and participate in it.
- The antiquated 1950s view of business is the boss walking around trying to squeeze every last bit of work out of employees is clearly outdated and bosses need to worry about employees taking balanced time-offs.
- Simplicity changes the world. Convenience is a force multiplier.

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