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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Desktop Cables : Entanglement To Aesthetics

Keeping the workplace neat and desktop clean is always a difficult task but an important one that lot of us(me included)need to be pay attention. In the age of wireless, Jeremy Wagstaff suggests a few ways to sort out the cable chaos both above and below your tabletop.
- First off, assess whether the cables can be organized better. For example, if you've got more USB devices than you have USB ports on your computer, you may want to consider buying a USB hub. This allows you to plug many more devices into your computer without having to scramble around swapping cables - always an eyesore.
- Below the desk is a great place to hide cables, but if it's a tangle down there, you're only creating other problems: a lot of dust and the danger that you'll snag a foot and either break a leg or unplug your PC if you stand up too quickly. The under-desk thicket of wires is best kept off the floor, with a Cable-Safe Cable Manager or alternatively strap a power cord to a table leg with Velcro cable straps to keep the cables neat and off the ground.
- Cables linking hardware above and below the desktop can be clustered together and fed into a cable spiral. Cables are best not just stuffed out of sight, but also coiled up so there's as little unnecessary slack as possible. It can free up desktop space for other stuff like pictures of loved ones, knick-knacks, week-old sandwiches etc.
- If you like creating a work of art out of your workspace, check out the design-award winning Cableyoyo ($5 from cableyoyo.com), a deceptively simple spool for coiling most cables, from mouse leads to the cable hooking up your cellphone or iPod to the laptop. Just wind the cable around the spool and you can make even the most boring cubicle look kind of cool. There's a removable base and adhesive strip if you want to attach it to the back of a monitor or beneath a desk.& these are portable as well. For many readers this all may sound a tad fussy and unnecessary. A workspace is supposed to be strewn with cables could be a viewpoint – but it is always more elegant to make it aesthetic - It's an affliction that can be cured relatively easily and with a dash of style.

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