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Friday, July 08, 2005

Sun, Nokia, Standardization & Java

In the past, in general every phase of advancement in new technologies brought along with nee options in the technology platform and new standards. For a change in the fastest growing technology segment we are now seeing adoption of a common standard – a old one at that. The change has come as the pressure to rollout first to the market mounts and based on realization that multiple developers and multiple platforms add to cost!! As Eprahim shows, Nokia and Sun are focusing a great deal of attention on Java as they see Java as a technology that can run across multiple platforms. Sun wants to offer this technology to all wireless carriers and handset manufacturers. Nokia now licenses its Series 60 Platform to many handset manufacturers, including Samsung, LG Electronics, Panasonic etc. Both Sun and Nokia plan to enhance the Java environment for the next generation of handsets.
Through the Star Project, Sun appears to be focusing on consumer content with the announcement that it will work closely with NTT DoCoMo (with 30 Mill subscribers) to define next-generation data services and content for consumers. Nokia says that its Series 60 Platform handsets will be upgraded from its current CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) to a more capable CDC (Connected Device Configuration) in preparation for improvements to Sun's MIDP (Mobile Information Device profile) Java profile for handsets. MIDP when combined with CLDC is the Java runtime environment for the current crop of handsets and PDAs. As handsets improve in memory and processing power, the need for a "limited" version of the CDC becomes unnecessary. Sun plans major improvements to Java for handsets once both CDC and a more capable MIDP are deployed. These improvements include the capability of Java to run applications and the menu system simultaneously with managing voice functions such as hold and call forwarding. Other improvements that can be expected include improved 3D and graphics capabilities and integration with add-on smart cards. The goal is to ramp up Java's mobile capabilities so that higher-level capabilities become part of Sun's JSRs (Java specification requests), such as network management for mobile devices.The goal is to create a Java Platform for mobile devices.

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