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Friday, July 15, 2005

Blog Search : Next Frontiers

PubSub founder Bob Wyman tells stephen baker that blog search will be a relative snap for Yahoo and Google. The first Internet giant to tackle blog search will suffer all the slings and arrows from the blog faithful -and will also get some things wrong. The second and third entrants, he says, will have a far easier time.
Pubsub competes with Technorati, Feedster et al, but attacks the problem from the different direction: It searches new blog posts as they come in and matches them with its subscribers' queries. This is called prospective search. It's far different from the Google model, which receives queries and then hunts through a massive database to find matches. That's retrospective search, and it requires enormous computing and storage muscle. Wyman believes that it is absolutely dead certain that not only Yahoo and Google, but also Microsoft, will do blog search and warns startups can’t build a sustainable business standing in front of Google.
CEO Mark Fletcher tells Stephen Baker how ideal blog search would look like.His ideas:
1) It would be integrated with other Web search. (People don't want to have to search twice)
2) No moving knobs to toggle between new posts and important Web pages. (The "advanced search" options on the engines today get minimal use.)
3) Posts from certain blogs, either highly trafficked or ranked by the individual user, would jump toward the top of the search results.
Fletcher is candid when he says that none of the current systems, including bloglines,produces good results.

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