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Friday, June 24, 2005

Technology Investments : Wireless, Teleco,India Dominate!!

John Dvorak spots while tracking over $1 billion of deals as of June 22, three things prominent in the funding: optical, wireless broadband and India. Out of 86 deals,at least 20 had something to do with wireless technology in some way or other- radio circuitry, LAN's, and mobile/cellular start-ups are all trying to find ways to do things cheaper, generally to sell a lot of chips. India cropped up eight times- while a couple of the listings were indeed pure technology investments, most were infrastructure investments to get better high-speed access into India. The Indian deals seemed to be more about rigging India for high-speed access to the rest of the world than anything else so that the movement of American jobs offshore can continue at a rapid pace.Offshoring companies are intent on getting large corporations to outsource their back offices to India. This means a push to move all kinds of manual tasks to India by somehow deconstructing the functionality within the corporate business process by segmenting tasks. It's the emerging new science of business process analysis that will eventually move as much of the general office work to India as possible. John writes, The U.S. Patent Office has actually encouraged this development by allowing companies to patent a business process. It did this by highlighting not only the possibility that you can do this, but by emphasizing its importance .From a criticism of business. it has now become a benefit. The key to making all this work is cheap efficient international telecommunications. They're needed so that the corporate network runs as efficiently in any Indian city as it does in any other US city and the communication cost between Indian city to any US city should be cheaper. Rest of what he writes is anyway populist writing.

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