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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shifting Gears : A Perspective!!

Matt Blumberg - the CEO of Return Path – has a well thought out post on “Shifting Gears.".All or nothing” or "everything in moderation." - These two approaches to life seem diametrically opposed.Being a successful entrepreneur requires approaches, each at different times, and more important, the ability to shift gears between the two and be clear about the shift to yourself and to others. There are periods of time when you need to be in "all or nothing mode." Push extremes. Demand more from your team. Drop lots of the items on your to-do list and grow a singular focus on The One Big Thing. Don't go for a light jog - train for a marathon.
Then there are periods of time when you're in execution mode. The path has been defined.Things are working. Put the "life" back in your "work-life" balance. A marathon? Are you nuts? Just run 3 miles a day and stay in shape. Any organization - needs to be able to shift gears between the two modes. An organization that never goes through extreme periods is in grave danger of stagnating. No one in an exciting company ever has "business as usual" emblazoned on their to-do list 365 days a year.Organizations tend to take their biggest leaps forward when there's an extreme situation, an all-hands on deck, a crisis. The trick to getting this duality right is to make sure you are clear to yourself, and when necessary to others, about when you're shifting gears. If you're forcing people in the organization to focus on The One Big Thing, make sure you recognize the changes that forces in their goals, their deliverables, and their external commitments and give them the flexibility they need to succeed.

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