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Friday, June 03, 2005

Howard Schmidt Sees A Safer Internet In The Future

(Via Informationweek) Howard A.Schmidt previously headed up security for eBay, as its VP and chief information security officer and chief security strategist, and for Microsoft, as its chief security officer.He thinks that on internet secuurity, there's been great progress, and better identity management will help make the Internet safer. Excerpts with edits from his interview:
On Cybersecurity He believes that we're getting better - it's not because the bad guys are making it easier - It's because we're, one, recognizing that there are certain things we have to do to be more secure. And secondly, the response of industry in identifying solutions for security issues has been much quicker than it has been in the past. End user awareness and recognition have increased a lot.Security has became a priority for Microsoft and Cisco and Oracle and Sun, all the big software vendors. It's been made easier with some of the automated vulnerability-assessment tools, some of the automatic patching tools. It's getting easier all across the board.
On Crime Prenetion : There is a clear distinction between crimes that use technology and crime in general. People,Processes,& Technology together create a framework. Just like we've never been able to stop burglaries over the history of mankind, we will never be able to stop fraud 100%.We have to make sure that there's the training, the process, and the policy in place to aid the technology to reduce fraud and identity theft.
On the Future of Internet Security: He expects that we will have better segmentation in the online world, very similar to what we see in the physical world relative to what you can do anonymously, as opposed to what you need to have nonrepudiation for, such as doing stock transactions. We will have better granularity around that that will better protect privacy because we'll have better identity management in the online world.Good hope for the future- aboding well for the internet world.

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