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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Enterprise SOA Implementation Complexity > ERP, Y2K, Web!!

Jeff brings home the point that many failed ERP implementations could be to a significant extent attributed to lack of involvement of the management in early stages of implementation – many realized the magnitude of work to be done only after the implementation was over and warns that more CIO's will lose their job over SOA implementations than lost their job over ERP implementations.Jeff adds that SOA implementation may call for greater efforts compared to ERP implementation and CIO’s could be making similar mistakes of not getting involved well early enough and elaborates, "SOA is a complete overhaul impacting how systems are analyzed, designed, built, integrated and managed. And not just some systems - all systems including packaged applications like ERP. SOA is first and foremost about a network of services. The value of an enterprise’s service network is directly related to the effort of creating/obtaining services and making them available. All networks require a critical mass of 'valuable services' before they become useful to the consumers. The SOA service network is no exception. While enterprises can take a slow and steady approach to SOA but would need to be prepared to receive gains that are even slower - this is really about the 'network effect'”. SOA done properly is a massive undertaking. It requires a rethinking of enterprises infrastructure, development methodology, business impact analysis, budgeting process, organizational design. Jeff concluded by cautioning against underestimating the value it provides, the competitive advantage enterprises may be bestowed with & the investment it will take!
My Take : Quite true - in terms of potential SOA clearly can bring wonders to organisations in providing more flexibility,better returns and can amplify the power of delivered IT value inside enterprises - the challenge to any CIO is a minimum two fold - understanding the true signifance of SOA inside their respective enteprises - identifying the right solution fitment to their context and be seen as protected in the present and future and at a different level truly differentiating between genuine SOA solutions and me toos - almost all packaged software guys today say that they are pioneering SOA/SOA compliant , a good diligence exercise may need to be made to get at the right technology elements

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