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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Visualising Impending IT Marriages!!

In the age of Software Market Consolidation,Michael Friedenberg writes,It's amazing that users aren't asked more about pending mergers. Michael writes,In the age of consolidation, mergers and acquisitions must deliver on the following objectives: reduce complexity for the customer, provide further innovation in the market, help customers cut the amount of money spent on maintenance, and, of course, make sound financial sense. Some potential partnerships examined:

Microsoft and SAP: The possible upside- the ability to connect the front and back office and cut out redundant reporting. Visualising the potential of having this type of offering extend across the entire value chain would bring very high value.
Oracle and BEA: This is one where all the goals described above can be achieved. Reduced maintenance and complexity would be a given, and infrastructure integration could occur with less angst.(I wonder what would BEA’s oem customers would think about this)
IBM and Hewitt Associates or Keane: As vertical-industry expertise continues to grow in importance and IBM's focus on business-process transformation sharpens, companies like Hewitt and Keane should be attractive. (I guess that way any offshore service provider may be a good fit for IBM – But how would existing customers feel about such a move)
Hewlett-Packard and EDS: HP may now try & expand into services. EDS has gone through some tough times of its own and seems to have righted the ship; it's now focusing on profitable deals that benefit the customer and its own business model. EDS & NCR share a strong relationship!!
EMC and Cognos: EMC has made the transition from a pure-play storage company to one focused on information-life-cycle management. If it's the company's goal to continue providing life-cycle products, then getting into business intelligence is a plausible addition.
Apple and Starbucks: Think of all the possibilities of pairing two companies that fundamentally see technology as a way to build a better customer experience. Music happens to be one of the fastest-growing areas of Starbucks' business!!.
More to follow..
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