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Friday, May 20, 2005

Tech Scene Getting Brighter

(Via The News.com)The 33rd annual showcase of leading and up-and-coming technology businesses saw the spark of an entire crop of young private companies that boast promising technologies and stable businesses, said Christina Morgan, vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase. The private company room looked so impressive with the size and growth rate and the experienced management teams at these companies.At this year's event, JPMorgan hosted an unusually large collection of private companies in sectors from consumer Internet to biometrics, grid computing and radio frequency identification. Some of the private companies presenting included Merchant e-Solutions, which provides online payment services for banks and other businesses; the online concert and sports ticket marketplace Stubhub; and Purcell Systems, which makes cabinets to store telecommunications and power equipment inexpensively in towers and office buildings. Several of these business models recall the Internet start-ups of six years ago. Now, with a larger and confirmed base of Internet and enterprise consumers hungry for better services, the investment establishment is receiving these businesses with quiet confidence rather than hype.
Christina Morgan, finds that even the start-ups have grown up and are looking to be far more solid companies. With this experience has come a more realistic outlook about cashing in on their businesses - Morgan said. Fewer are waiting for the ideal conditions to complete an IPO; more are open to larger businesses acquiring them. The technology business is just like the ocean. The big eat the small. Innovation never dies and there are lots of small companies to be eaten. There is an air of guardedly optimistic outlook about the state of the high-tech business five years after the devastating bust. Paradoxically, in the age of consolidation, that we covered here and here, we are seeing more and more investments and entrepreneurship in action – perhaps this keeps the tech world on the edge and helps keep innovating!!

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