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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Seth Godin In AppleMatters Interview

From the very beginning Apple has been an extremely savvy and adroit marketer. Seth Godin in this interview makes some insightful observations about Apple & Its future. Excerpts with edits:

- A long time ago, a professor named George made a point to me about the difference between a marketing-driven company and a market-driven company. Apple is clearly marketing driven. They don’t do things customers want or demand. They are run by marketers, some of whom happen to be ace engineers.

- The worldview of the Mac user is fundamentally different than the worldview of the MS user. Apple has to hope that it survives long enough for that worldview to change, though it might take a generation. There’s no question in my mind that Apple is unable to change that worldview on their own.

- Only passionate Apple users : Because Dell customers buy computers to get a job done. Apple users buy a computer to make a statement. Apple could turn this into a real asset, but that would require finding stuff created outside the company that’s Apple-customer-worthy and then branding it and selling it.

And finally Seth makes a great statement : The best way to get more productive is to probably turn off the internet for a few hours a day! I don’t think people would be a lot more productive if they had Macs, but they’d be a lot happier.

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