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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Microosft Media Juggernaut : Unstoppable

We recently covered the viewpoint its game over for microsoft competitors in the consumer electronics space. On the topic of covering microsoft's impressive advances in the media space, David Berlind writes Microsoft is well entrenched into the global infrastructure (computers, other devices, telecommunications networks, content providers, etc.) Windows Media already is a dominant leader, and with the Philips announcement, and the Magneto news — there is no doubt that Microsoft is not only poised to repeat its successful Windows formula, but that that success will, over the long run, actually dwarf the company’s success with Windows. The impressive list of media deals closed by Microsoft are a case in point, signifying microsft's desire to doinate the space.
A PlaysForSure-certified content source assures end users of the sort of seemless integration between the service and Windows Media Player 10 that customers of Apple’s Music Store get with iTunes, including application of Digital Rights Management (which in turn provides certain assurances to artists and other content producers)]. No single company has circled its technology wagons around the digital media universe the way Microsoft has. Magneto — aka Windows Mobile 5.0 — will go out the door fully enabled with PlaysForSure technology. In addition, in support of its media ambitions, the operating system is much better equipped to support hard drives. Translation: An operating system that’s optimized to support a device that has both a hard drive and a wide area network connection (ie: something that can connect to a 3G EDGE or EV-DO network like those from T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon Wireless, or Sprint) built into it. In other words, a device with gobs of storage that can connect to the Net for voice, streaming or downloaded audio, and streaming or downloaded video. Windows Media. Unlike the others, the question in the back of the mind will always be "How can I go right?," the question with Windows Media (if you’re a content producer looking to hit the biggest target) is "How can I go wrong?"Microsoft's advance in the consumer electronics space is indeed amazing!!

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