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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Luxembourg Edges Out Redmond!!

(Via Indexed Forever)Skype is closer to building the intenet operating system for the internet. Skype rules the the internet with a scalable (peer-to-peer), secure, real-time communication network with directory and network-based identity. 100,000,000 people downloaded Skype. The number of broadband lines are the size of their directory. Last week record was three million concurrent users.
Baring the Telcos introducing network latency prior to the arrival of WiMax, the telco’s will suffer, but broadband is still needed. The disruptive abilities of Skype go much further, because if they can do secure voice, everything else is a lay-up. Skype recently added the number three communication application, Chat. They have also added file sharing and voicemail. email and then RSS should follow. With their API’s lot more third party applications should follow. Skype rips off the idea and makes it better since they control the platform – they really are the new Redmond.
. Longhorn was to empower information workers by intelligently prioritizing the flow of information we all receive, IM, RSS, phone calls, web and video conferences, voicemail, email, etc. Looking at the user lock-in - screen name, billing relationship, Skype clearly seems to usher in the future. With contacts, data , relationship between and among both – network intelligence –Skype epitomizes network intelligence– the network is the computer. Truly Skype is a phenomenon unmatched by anything else in the internet world in recent times.

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