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Friday, May 20, 2005

Group and Multiuser Blogs Compared

Robin Good compares Group and Multiuser blogs across the popular platforms :Drupal, Silkblogs, Typepad,Manila,21Publish and Wordpress with an objective to find out which one suits the blogging needs better.I liked the ethodology, rigor and detail in compiling the report.
Robin explains, Group blogs are like singleton blogs, but with one or more contributors posting original material and also points to an excellent online linkto a coprehensive list of popular group blogs.

Robin also expalind the diffference between these two categories of blogs -"Of a slightly different nature are community blogs –multiuser blogs like where basically anyone can submit short stories which are then selected and approved by a tight team of editors". By sheer virtue of the active participation of many news contributors these community news sites can have a constant stream of relevant breaking news. But in community blogs, while there is some kind of user-centered CMS and/or blog publishing platform at the end of the cycle, it's only a few editors that actually select and post the content online. Authors and contributors remain often anonymous, and have no option of deciding whether their posts will be published or not.
On the blogging phenoenon, Robin writes, "Blogging in a professional and consistent fashion is a tough and challenging job especially for those who use blogs to report news on specific industries or market sectors. As the sources of information keep increasing and our ability to filter out and select what is relevant from what is not have not significantly improved, individual news blogs tremendous challenge is one of keeping abreast the ocean of new information continuosly flowing on the Web while becoming efficient and trusted filtering points for their readers". But when multiple researchers, analysts, news reporters or even amateur but passionate individual writers start to contribute in a systematic and effective fashion to one coordinated blog then you have something really powerful happening. I like the report - but may have to be careful about the conclusions on platform suitability & the final rankings - as Robin himslef says the study has been sponsored by one of the platforms compared. Must read for all interested in blogging and assessing the maturity of blogging platforms available.

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