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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Globalisation, Focus, Talent & Complacency

( Via NYTimes) Thomas Friedman writes,For so many years, America's economy was so dominant on the world stage, so out front in so many key areas, that we fell into the habit of thinking we were competing largely against ourselves. If the US fell behind in one area or another - whether it was math and science skills, broadband capacity or wireless infrastructure – the US took the view that: the problem could be fixed. In recent years, though, with the flattening of the global playing field, it should be apparent that the US is not just competing against itself. The opening of China, India and Russia means that young people in these countries can increasingly plug and play - connect, collaborate and compete - more easily and cheaply than ever before. The fear of the US is that when you talk to employers out there, they say they are not getting the skills they need, in part because "the colleges are not getting students with the skills they need. Friedman writes, America today reminds him of the US Olympic basketball team - that lackadaisical group that brought home the bronze medal. We think that all we need to do is show up and everyone else will fold - because, after all, we're just competing with ourselves.And we think we don't need to get focused and play together like a team. Well, on the basketball court - and in a flat world, where everyone now has access to all the same coaching techniques, training methods and scouting reports - a more focused, motivated team always beats a collection of more talented but complacent individuals.
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