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Friday, May 13, 2005

Bit Torrent + RSS & The Deathknell For Prime Ad Slots!!

Guy Brightonpoints to Ntro' amazing insight about the evolution of Web TV. By combining RSS with BitTorrent we'll have sort of mini-Tivos on our PC - able to select the content we want at a micro level. With Bittorrent and RSS, one can easily create an internet-based periodical broadcast of huge files with almost zero distribution cost. With MythTV and Torrentocracy, one can create a set-top box such as a Tivo or VCR that consumes such a broadcast. It’s possible to replace (or complement)a satellite receiver and DVD player with a cheap PC running MythTV, and still stay up to date on Desperate Housewives.
Most popular TV programs are available via BitTorrent within hours (sometimes minutes) of their debut. That’s not revolutionary– Tivo has provided that ability (sans BitTorrent) for years. What makes this device truly revolutionary is this: Not only will this be able to download scheduled network programs, it will be able to download multimedia content from any feed to which you decide to subscribe. BitTorrent, unlike most file transfer mechanisms, performs best when there is high demand for a resource, because the load is distributed across all clients, including the ones that have not completed the download. Through RSS, a feed provider can announce a new resource to all subscribers as soon as it available, thereby immediately creating high demand for the file, and fast downloads for all. BitTorrent’s biggest weakness is the inability to view partial content, thus making it suboptimal for on-demand videos, since you can’t start watching the video until you’ve finished downloading it. That’s what makes RSS and BitTorrent such a happy couple– if configured properly, files can be downloaded as they are announced (say, in the middle of the night or while you are at work), and will be complete by the time you are ready to watch them, eliminating the need to stream content.

The effect Guy brighton says would be the final deathnell for the 30 second spot. The ads, they won't even be there - the TV & Ad industry will have to work together to find new ways to support each other.
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