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Saturday, April 16, 2005

World's Best Airports - Asia Dominates!!

Forbes presents details about the Skytrax annual survey that ranks the world’s best airoports. Skytrax does not measure elements like on-time performance, lost baggage or customer complaints. The survey (which contains more than 5.5 million responses) asks passengers about 31 criteria, including airport access, public transit availability, terminal comfort, ambience and cleanliness, immigration wait times and service, terminal signage, friendliness and language skills of airport staff, ease of connections, entertainment, shopping and dining options, and Internet options. Asia's airports dominate the rankings, which Skytrax says is no surprise given that its airports benefit from 21st-century facilities. Perhaps not surprising, no U.S. airports cracked the top ten. In fact, they barely cracked the top 20. Minneapolis-St. Paul came in a No. 20 worldwide and No. 1 in North America, based on the aforementioned criteria.Service at U.S. airports has fallen along with that of the carriers

The Top 10 Airports in the world::
- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Incheon
- Munich
- Kansai,Osaka
- Dubai
- Kuala Lumpur
- Amsterdam
- Copenhagen
- Sydney

My Take:I have passed through seven of the ten airports listed here in the last 12 months and can broadly agree with the ratings - though the difference between No.1& No.2 could be wafer thin.It is surprising to see that there are no airports in this list from the two largest growing economies of the world -China & India. Two more major airports are under construction - in the next 2/3 years they would surely find an entry into top 10 - The new bangkok airport and The new beijing airport. India has no such ambitions of grandeur and Indian airports have opted themselves out of this contest!!

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