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Friday, April 08, 2005

User Generated Content -Fresh Perspectives

We recently covered Paul Allen's view, The fastest Growth Sites are Built on User Generated Content.One of the most powerful ways to develop web site traffic is to enable users to share their content through your web site with others-to create community around user generated content. Many of the fastest growing web sites of all time did this (or do it now): MyFamily.com, eBay, GeoCities, Xoom, Homestead, MySpace, Epinions, Hotshots, LinkedIn.com, Meetup.com, Friendster, and more.If sites are uses to get customers to blog,use message boards,upload photos or reviews, the effect shall be dazzling.With open source software (for message boards, blogs, uploading photos, and more) and with the cost of hard drive storage a tiny fraction of what it was five years ago, the time has never been better to try a user generated content strategy.Paul now examines
Ourmedia vs Google; Wikipedia vs Britannica
saying wtih the recent announcement of google getting ready to host personal video content soon, & given the fact but Ourmedia.org is already offering free permanent hosting of any personal audio and video content, questions arise as to who could win. If Google's service is free and Ourmedia's is free, the winner will be the one that is easiest to use or has the most features, or perhaps is best integrated into consumer habits. So the winner will likely be Google (because their usability is second to none). Google will make more money on this particular feature than Ourmedia because its ability to monetize traffic and eyeballs usings its brilliant advertising model is much greater than Ourmedia's- therefore it is more sustainable.

Paul adds,"It's interesting when a non-profit or open source project becomes the most popular service in its genre. It forces commercial players to build additional value on top of the free or commoditized service in order to generate revenue. In the end, while it's disruptive in the short term, in the long run, consumers benefit a great deal".when we extend the comparison between wikipedia and brittanica, it is seen that Wikipedia.org will soon become one of the top 50 most popular web site in the world It already has more than 500,000 articles compared to Britannica's 60-80,000, and thouands of improvements are made every day. I tend to agree with Paul - content, form of presentation, brand image, high availabilty all matter to end consumers when the playing field is levelled - that's why I was so upset that Gooogle left blogger to languish -as i had repaeatedly written - blogger almost paralysed my blogging activities for the past few weeks - that would show up in less than average no. of posts published in the recent past.

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