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Friday, April 01, 2005

Third Level Domains Ahoy!!

Domain names are akin to costly real estate with characteristics similar in nature. Second level domain names are best used to offer the third-level domain space to registrants. This can enable the best reach to a cross section of users and exponentially increases the usable domain space in a simple and direct way immensely benefiting the domain name industry.ICANN and the domain registrar community should strongly support and encourage this use of the third-level domain name space.
The Hierarchical nature of internet enabled domain name out of a need for easy-to-remember network addresses. With explosive growth of the internet it became evident that:

1.) It is difficult to meet demand for desired/favorite domain names

2.) Variety is inherently more attractive.

New gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) like .Biz, and sTLDs (Sponsored Top Level Domains) like .PRO have been provided to cater to these requirement .While the benefits are clear, it is also time to look at alternates like third level domain spaces. This is a straight and simple solution. It is good to offer direct -easy-to-understand, third-level domains to end users and this is a neat arrangement for the registrants and the domain name industry. The practice should be actively encouraged by ICANN and the domain name industry..

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