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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Standardisation At The Application Level

In futhering the consolidation in the software industry, Charles Phillips, President of Oracle makes some important trendspotting and announcements. At software 2005, Charles says standardisation at application level as the next step in oracle's roadmap. Excerpts:

- Although the old battles such as TCP versus token ring and the use of JDBC drivers are over, the acceptance of Java is still working its way through the industry. Traditionally, packaged applications used proprietary stacks- but Java is now finally becoming the de facto standard for applications.Oracle is still in midstream in the conversion over to Java for its applications. In addition, the industry is in the midst of standardizing on the expression of APIs with XML, standardizing on Web services, and designing component-based architectures.

- Beyond standardization, the next big move in the industry is toward vertical packaged applications rather than horizontal applications.

-The third major direction of the software industry is its move from being process driven to cross-process driven. Companies realize if they had the same data model across processes the quality of the information would be much higher. As Oracle owns so much of the stack, applications, middleware, and the database, it will intensify its efforts to create best practices around configurations that it will also certify.

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