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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Onto A Whole New Internet!!

Janice Fraser writes,we are onto a whole new internet.Something is happening right now, and the developer community has an electric gleam in its eye. Curious, inventive people are making cool stuff again. There’s been a notable shift, and it’s incredibly exciting. We’re nearing the tenth anniversary of the Netscape IPO, when a flood of capital launched the Internet into mainstream culture. After dotcom burst, the Internet development community entered a period of refinement and reflection with a deep appreciation for business basics. Pragmatism dominated, and we focused on delivering effective outcomes. Instead of invention, we were more inclined to think about sunk costs, resource allocation, and maximizing value.
The Ajax approach detailed out recently removes the redraw-refresh paradigm for interacting with web applications. The firestorm of excitement around the idea took us all by surprise. In mere days, the "Ajax" meme was solidified. It was a tipping point. It is exciting to think of the potential of folksonomy on enterprise web applications? Invention inspires invention. Ideas are collapsing into each other, recombining, and having powerful effects. The Internet has always been a medium for democratization, and by reconnecting with our idealism we’re once again uncovering its poetry, nobility, and transformative power.Things are about to change in a very big way. Add the reach of mobiles and usability – the power of influence multiplies. With long tail, new media, social software, software-as-a-service getting more significance - the internet is really getting a mighty phenomenon!!

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