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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New Generation Startups Springing Up

eWeek reports that post the .com bubble burst, industry consolidation and job changes, still new generation of startups are beginning to roll out. At the Software 2005 conference there were signs that a new generation of startup software companies is emerging with new ideas and products to replace at least some of the jobs lost through earlier business failures and mergers.Some of the companies/products/offerings look unique and attractive.Intellext Inc., with a new context-based search system called Watson; ActStream Technologies Inc., with a new version of its rich-media communications hosted service; BDNA Corp., with an automated IT asset inventory system; and Surgient Inc., with automated software testing routines are among the companies are among the companies that debuted their products.
- Intellext's goal is to make search more effective, relevant and timely. The suite, will integrate with any content management system or search technology a Web publisher uses so all users who access the site can run context-sensitive searches.

- ActStream Technologies' provides a hosted service for delivering rich media communications across the Web. ActStream allows users to integrate audio and video with basic e-mail messages for sales and marketing campaigns, mass e-mailings, or any type of community building and support. People only retain 20 percent of what they see and 30 percent of what they hear. However, information retention goes up to as much as 80 percent when people view messages that integrate text, video, sound and graphics –that’s the benefit that Actstream wants to provide to users.

- BDNA, provides corporate IT departments with a way to more accurately track the diverse computer hardware and software assets deployed across even the largest global organizations. As high as 70 percent of manual IT inventories are inaccurate and obsolete because things change all the time. The suite allows companies to save money by tracking what assets are under-utilized, discovering computing capacity that can be redeployed or finding whether the company is getting full value from the software licenses it has paid for. It is refreshing to see fresh set of startups continue to spring up with new products and offering - unique as they appear to be - it appears that the barrage of investment,innovations can't be stopped for sometime to come - pace may slow,quantum and range may reduce but this phenomenon of new set of startups and products - the very essence that characterised IT industry would continur to exist for times to come!!

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