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Monday, April 18, 2005

Jack Welch @ MIT Sloan School Of Management

Jack welch addressed recently at the NIT Sloan School Of Management. Key Points:
- From the very beginning of his talk and throughout, Welch emphasizes that leadership is not about being the "smartest person in town" but energizing others, exciting others, and putting the right team in place.
- Speaking mostly to business students at MIT Sloan, Welch states that your job will not be doing much of the stuff you have learned here.
- A leader's job is to put the right people in the right job, and get out of the way. And then give them the resources that they make the case for to deliver on.
- Your job will be dealing with the people. Evaluating them. Building great teams. Exciting them. Giving them the vision. And showing them how to take the helm.
- And your job it won't be the smartest person in town. You will be rallying smart people to do the job.
- Emphasis on candor and transparency in promotion and rewards
- Never give false signals to bottom 10% in the organization
- Every manager has the obligation to let team members know where they stand
- The Paradox of management is managing short and thinking long
- Every strategy review is an exercise in HR evaluation
- Fortune and Businessweek are mentors for all managers – these readings make managers more competitive – He says he is surprised why business leaders do not read these regularly.
-Early in one’s career – err on the side of bull in conflicts and take the swings
-The Chinese and Indian competition need not scare corporate America – the focus should be to move out of commodity hell and to change the shape of the game
- Leadership can be indeed taught and learnt in different shapes and styles – learnt through incremental steps to gain confidence in doing
- On corporate executive rivalry – clearly setting up values would make the difference – Substitute values by behavior to assess every event and boundary less open behavior is very critical to running large organizations.Once again Jack is amazing!!The webcast is available here.

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