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Friday, April 01, 2005

Independent Publishing Social Networking & EPIC

Anybody watching the AP -Googlenews fracas must be concerned - Conventional media ought to be concerned,as aggregators can pick up news at no cost/min cost - web technology proponents must be concerned, as technology adoption for innovative advancements are geting blocked - True in the webworld - revenue models are the last thing to worry about when pioneering initiatives are launched!.Robin Sloan has come up with a mini-movie clip EPIC - while this is thinkingthrough- the ideas summarising the significant push towards automation of news content and usage of online collabaration and synthesis as the key to future makes interesting reading. Excerpts from the transcripts with edits and comments added:

Newsmasters are an emerging group of news editors which utilize new tools and techniques to create unique content streams on specialized topics by tapping largely into the RSS content universe as well as in other openly reusable sources of news and information. Newsmasters will be the key news directors and producers of the future.They will be able to connect,filter and prioritize information for every media-consumer on the planet,using a single source of media content that contains everything that anyone could possibly ever want to know about. That single source is called EPIC: The "Evolving Personalized Information Construct".

Some of the likely things to happen form this perspective runs like this:In future people shall have access to a breadth and depth of information unimaginable in an earlier age. Everyone participates to create a living, breathing mediascape. 2006 – Google combines all of its services into the Google Grid,Sony’s ePaper may become cheaper than real paper. Google and Amazon join forces to form Googlezon. Google supplies the Google Grid and unparalled search technology.Amazon supplies the social recommendation engine and its huge commercial infrastructure.Together,they use their detailed knowledge of every user’s social network, demographics, consumption habits and interests to provide total customization of content - and advertising. The News Wars of 2010 are notable for the fact that no actual news organizations take part. Using a new algorithm, Googlezon’s computers construct news stories dynamically, stripping sentences and facts from all content sources and recombining them. The computer writes a news story for every user.EPIC filters, orders and delivers personalised news from the sprawling, chaotic mediascape. Everyone contributes now – from blog entries, to phone-cam images, to video reports, to full investigations. Revenue model - Many people get paid too – a tiny cut of Googlezon’s immense advertising revenue, proportional to the popularity of their contributions. EPIC produces a custom contents package for each user, using his choices, his consumption habits, his interests, his demographics, his social network – to shape the product. EPIC shall allow mix and match of choices the way readers like. At its best, edited for the savviest readers, EPIC is a summary of the world – deeper, broader and more nuanced than anything ever available before. Truly breathtaking!!

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