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Friday, March 04, 2005

Search Evolution : Horizontal, Vertical. Niche (Cont'd)

Fred points to Danny sullivans views on vertical search. We recently wrote on the topic Search Evolution : Vertical, Horizontal, Niche!! wherein we wrote,"the analog of television news channel evolution to major search engines is correct- the internet world shall also follow the rule of three eventually – the rule of three broadly says that in any industry there shall be three all purpose main players followed by several niche players. I am not sure whether to call niche search engines( I strongly beleive that they have a role and a future) them horizontals as Tom Evslin would like to call as or Fred calls as verticals and originally supported by Searchviews". We also wrote, increasingly,I see myself beginning to use niche search engines more and more(though all niche search engine usage put together could be substantially less than any one general search engine usage). For example services with discovery mechanisms powered by specialized algorithms like Findory or Topix shall always find a special place in the internet world where the volume of digital content is swelling by the day.The view expressed in searchviews that"As advertising spending continues to swell in the search category, more and more marketers will diversify their "network" buys with small targeted placements on these specialized engines that potentially provide a better bang for the advertising buck".But the overall volume of business could be low but can provide with some significant stream of business. But Niche players need to provide more and more specialised offering and creating a new category of service that mainstream players may not be able to focus and provide - like Amex offering more than what traditional banks can offer -traveller's cheque convenience.

Search engine marketing guru Danny Sullivan urged search marketers to get familiar with vertical search opportunities, pay more attention to optimizing organic search listings, and consider adopting pricing models that do not undervalue their services."I can't say it enough. Vertical search is going to take over," he said. Sullivan pointed to Google's "one box" display that places 10 top vertical search results above organic search results when a query can be interpreted as vertical in nature. At this point, that means a local search from Google Local or a shopping search from Froogle, but the possibilities are limitless."The people who are going to win are the people that understand shopping search now." Our stand on niche/vertical search stands endorsed by Danny Sullivan himself.

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