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Monday, March 07, 2005

SAP : We Invented Globalisation In Effect

SAP is getting stronger and stronger - As seen in the field, in mindshare and in futuristic plans, SAP is clearly miles ahead.This article published in The Gaurdian talks about Kagermann's style, his determination - read SAP's determination to move close to dominating the market.
- Kagermann, is looking to a doubling of the market in a few years and combined oracle & Peoplesoft has less than half SAP's marketshare.Also in SAP's view -"The merger deal simply makes their business more complex, offering four products, and it will take them a long time to sell it to the market,".
- The NetWeaver platform of applications and services, offering customers the opportunity to build their own specifications on top, will outdistance Bill Gates's Microsoft and IBM. "SAP's strategy is to beat Microsoft: be better." Key to his plans is to develop and refine NetWeaver to enable customers to match their systems to SAP's technology, and present a wholly new "open source" model later this decade.
- Shai Agassi claims SAP in effect invented globalisation by enabling companies to integrate all their systems on one platform, allowing them to know precisely what individual far-flung businesses were doing in terms of sales, earnings, inventory and bottlenecks.
- New Technology is the driving force behind the trend for industry consolidation - in retail, financial services, utilities or autos - to capture and fund innovation. -- Netweaver platform will be a venture based on partnership with customers able to add their own reusable pieces of software to "compose" their applications.
- The core value, is inter-operability - the opposite of Microsoft's bundling all its applications into its Windows operating system and excluding rivals.
- SAP remains restlessly creative,determined to expand the company globally and develop new products via an R&D budget that accounts for 14% of sales compared with the European average of 2%.

The competitive landscape:
-With three code bases, three development teams, three competing business process models , its a nightmare for oracle to integrate Peoplesoft and JDE - probably, oracle may end up developing migration tools for from Oracle, and JDE and ONTO Peoplesoft- clealrly several months to shpow results and more to stabilise
- Microsoft reported flat revenues in its business solution division and their project green revamping four sets of applications- the Axapta, Great Plains, Navision and Solomon product lines planned until 2012 and resting on the much delayed longhorn project to start - SAP is all set to dominate the enterprise application market- they can become stronger and stronger moving forward - clearlly thought leadership, good engineering, flawless execution and ability to take right calls at the right moment reaps enormous benfits and is now providing unassailable leadership to SAP.

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