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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Making Big Things Happen with Small Teams

Jason Fried's nice presentation at the SxSW 2005 event makes interesting reading. The basic theme of Jason’s presentation is to start building as soon as possible rather than wasting time on planning and documenting. Jason is spot on when he says that many clients don’t read, don’t understand or misinterpret specifications. It’s only when they get a chance to see something working that they really know if that’s what they wanted or not. Jason suggests that an iterative process comprising of lots of small steps was the best way to solve this problem.The approach seems to suggest trial and error over clean design.. His approach would really decrease the initial overhead and speed time-to-market. However if a fundamental problem crept in at the start of the process, it could result in a large part of the project needing to be redesigned or recoded. Simplicity in application design would minimize the impact of changes. Anycase lots and lots of rework is unavoidable in a trial and error process

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