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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Long Tail & The Blogosphere

We recently covered Chris Anderson's Long Tail article- one of the the most talked about article often - admittedly a masterpiece and reflection of deep thinking.

Technorati’s David Sifry discusses the long tail of the blogosphere in part 3 of his current state of the blogosphere series. He defines blog influence in terms of linking activity, and graphs said activity. He concludes that. even though the amount of influence that a single blog [towards the end of the long tail] may have is less than that of a single blog on the A-list, the aggregate influence of all of the long tail far outstrips even the mainstream media. This also has implications for enlightened marketers and media companies. There is power in the conversations going on around you, and not necessarily from the places that you'd ordinarily expect. Companies that work in conjunction with the trends going on in the long tail: e.g. fostering peoples voices, listening to and incorporating their comments and feedback, and fostering a community have a tremendous opportunity awaiting them.Dave has published some information about the traffic details of Mainstream Media & The Blogosphere. A full perspective of the longtail would need an analysis of the demand side and supply side of the long tail to undertsand its full impact.

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