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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Evolving Blogging Platforms

Jeremy writes after Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr and launch of yahoo 360- He sees that the blogging market falling into fairly well defined places- there is a already a well defined split between the hosted services that offer blogging capabilities (Blogger, TypePad, Y! 360, LiveJournal, etc) and the "host it yourself" model.That second group is the ecosystem that MovableType and WordPress currently dominate and these may continue to do so. If you further divide that into "corporate/enterprise" and "personal/non-profit" groups, both products will find their respective roles.
WordPress will come to be the de-facto choice in the world of self-hosted personal weblogs and low-end webhosting "value added" package. MovableType will be the blogware of choice in the corporate blogging world, both for internal weblogs and those that face the outside world

My Take:I agree with Jeremy's view thus far,( he has avoided discussing about blogger at length,considering it is the markestshare leader - I can well agree - Google has done little with blogger so far and service is worsening!), for personal projects that are self hosted - I think WordPress appears to be the best choice. For managed solution TypePad and MoveableType may need to be considered. Though Movable Type, appears to be losing its edge.These prefeences can change. Over time, competition will intensify and new players would try and get into this space. The hosting solutions like blogger and typepad are going to grow increasingly popular as more and more people begin blogging. WordPress has a lot of momentum behind it.

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