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Friday, February 04, 2005

Entrepreneur, Opensource & A Sense Of Accomplishment

Mitch Kapor writes, in response to a query as to how as an entrepreneur he would have attempted business possibilities in an opensource world. Mitch writes,he was motivated by a combination of factors - the desire to do a great product, to have it widely accepted, and to make enough money not to have to work for anyone else. Mitch says he has always had problems with authority, and concluded needed to be his own employer. His desire was not to build a big empire or become wealthy and adds,"Open source levels the playing field and makes it more difficult for monopolists to triumph with technically inferior products which are also hard to use". Mitch also says," the role models for entrepreneurs today are broader and more socially enlightened". He also writes he would be attracted towards "social entrepreneurship", i.e., starting a company with a double bottom line of financial success and positive social impact.
I beleive - entrepreneurship is the highest form of evolution of professional endeavour and not everything can be related to monetary gains alone - in most cases the sense of accomplishment and making a difference in one's live stand apart as more lofty goals than just plain monetary gains - while accomlishing proessionally, if money comes - its fine - but its just a bye product.

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