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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Pew Study On Search Engine Users

The Just released Pew Study On Search Engine Users finds,
" Internet searchers are confident, satisfied and trusting – but they are also unaware and naïve". The Key findings are:

Users broadly search the internet about the following:
1. People, places or things
2. Commerce, travel, employment, or economy
3. Computers or internet or technology items
4. Health or sciences
5. Education or humanities
6. Entertainment or recreation
7. Sex or pornography
8. Society, culture, ethnicity or religion
9. Government (or military)
10.Performing or fine arts

Internet users are very comfortable in their role as searchers. Some 92% of those who use search engines say they are confident about their searching abilities, with over half, 52%,of that group saying they’re “very confident” in their abilities, and 48% saying they’re somewhat confident. Only 8% of searchers say they lack confidence in their searching.Search engines offer users vast and impressive amounts of information, available with a speed and convenience few people could have imagined one decade ago. Their capabilities are expanding practically by the day. Soon it will seem routine to be able to search the contents of vast libraries of books; to find selected portions of video streams or audio recordings; to benefit from personalized searches that remember a user’s preferences and keep track of changing geographical locations. Audio searching and search results will be available for the blind; “implicit searching” will anticipate users’ queries and have answers ready. The full report is available here.

On a related note,we covered that Music industry is converting threat into an opporuntity by embracing the digital world faster whereby, we noted that music on the internet and mobile phones is moving into the mainstream of consumer life, with legal download sites spreading internationally, more users buying songs in digital format and record companies achieving their first significant revenues from online sales
• Legal music sites quadrupled to over 230 in 2004
• Available music catalogue has doubled in 12 months to 1 million songs
• Paid-for downloads up more than tenfold to over 200 million
• Consumer attitudes more favourable to buying music online
Ask jeeves is considering rolling out music search services, saying the current challenge in the digital music market is resolving users desires to have flexibility and not be tied to a specific device, application, or service with the vendors' attempts to keep users in one place.

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