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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Online Advertising – 2005 - Well Past Experimentation-In Investment Mode

The Annual Online Media Outlook -2005 compiled by Avenue Razorfish is out. Excerpts:
Among publishers, Yahoo! is in the best position to capitalize on the convergence of search and display media, as they enter 2005 with the most complete product package in digital marketing.Their combination of brand advertising, performance media and paid search is impressive. With Google’s focus on image ads and MSN’s presumed introduction of their own paid search product, two familiar competitors will be right behind Yahoo!.

On Local Search:
1. Search Engines – Google and Overture both made considerable progress with their local search products in 2004. The challenge remains getting searchers to seek local search information (or for the engines to know when it is most relevant), and then having those results supported by a broad array of local advertisers.
2. Yellow Pages – The large Internet Yellow Page providers have the requisite local sales force, as well as a large existing client base. However, at this time online consumers are more likely to turn to the search engines to find information.
3. City Guides – Sites like CitySearch provide a depth of information in larger urban areas,including reviews of local restaurants and businesses. They don’t have the coverage of the Yellow Page providers, nor are they near the volume of traffic that the search engines see.
In an increasingly intense competitive environment, marketers should incorporate the following best practices into their digital efforts:
1. Integrate digital strategies and data –
2. Have consistency in messaging across media
3. Insist on measurement and accountability in every campaign –
4. Invest in targeting
5. Understand ALL the drivers of performance
6. Be willing to test new opportunities
7. Understand the full impact of search
8. Invest in creative

The full report is available here.

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