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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Mobile Phone As Ubiquitious Aid In Digital World

We recently covered discussions onwill mobiles displace laptops wherein we coveres Mike Masnick as saying,"If things do move towards this world where the components separate and shrink, in order to make them more portable, but still productive, defining the devices as "phones" or "laptops" will no longer make sense". We also covered Signal Lost - The Age Of The Telephone As We Know Is Over!! where we assessed the survival opportunities for the the telephone industries and covered the emergence of the internet telephone and assesses its impact on consumers and service providers.
Mark Cuban now blogs about his expectations of tommmorw's mobile phone capabilities. Excerpts with edits:

Despite the technical advances, cellphone/PDA won’t allow one to run life. It does a nice job of helping manage things. One can do email, which untethers one from the desk. One can take, send, watch and listen to movies and audio. It’s the next generation or two that is more exciting and makes one curious - the expectations from the next generation phone/PDA would be:

1. At least 1gb of storage via flash memory, or 5gbs through a miniature drive.
2. A standard USB port to enable copying any standardized files to or from an external storage device
3. The ability to recognize that storage device as a drive accessible to phone apps.
4. The ability to call a number or us bluetooth to replace credit or debit cards and automatically record the transaction in a money management program
5. The ability to watch videos in Mpeg4/VC1/Divx format. Its going to come in handy when the car manual is in the glove compartment on a USB flashdrive and one can just watch the video on how to fix what breaks. Should be able to use phone to watch directions on whatever complex operations one may come in touch with.
5a. A home /kitchen operating manual that can be plugged into the USB or via bluetooth, see a demo of it on the y phone while one is in the store.
5b. Being able to Froogle it for pricing based on the bar code would help as well, as would knowing if they have it in stock without having to get a clerk, placing my order and picking it up or having it shipped to my house.Naturally, storing all receipts in the phone in case there is a problem
6. Able to save and store my IMs and Text Messages
7. Able to download tickets to events and just let them scan my phone rather than having a ticket.
I may call it my phone, but in reality, it’s my portable transaction device. Anything I can collect, create, transact or transmit digitally, I want the ability to do through my phone. It’s a digital world, why not? Same applies to being able to plug in the USB wire hanging from the ATM terminal with instructions.
The key trends here are effectively leveraging communication technologies, advances in storage and tons of mobile apps.

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