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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Blogs And Network Intelligence

Jonathan Schwartz predicts more and more blogging to happen in the coming days. He says,On the one hand, and at the risk of offending some blogomaniacal friends, he feels blogs are a tad overhyped. But only in the sense that blog content isn't all that different from the content that preceded the blog's building blocks. What is underhyped,is the impact of blogs on the advancement of simplicity and convenience. The most powerful weapons known to this industry. Simplicity changes the world. Convenience is a force multiplier. Simplicity drives ubiquity (and you know how I feel about volume). How many people use search software today, vs. 10 years ago? If you Google, you're a searcher, and I'd say the ratio of internet users to Google users is pretty impressive. The number's large partially because the price is right, and partially because it's so simple. Google has hundreds of millions of users, driven by simplicity and convenience. Just as there are hundreds of millions of cell phone users now using camera phones. Now how does any of this relate to intelligence and the tsunami?

The diversity of content sources is beginning to grow. Mblogs and vlogs are emerging around the world, pointing to an even more interesting future. The common wisdom is that mobile devices are insufficient for the demands of content creators - who must therefore default to a PC. The simplicity of blogs, the convenience of pervasive networks, and an explosion of new content sources - as a combined force, is radically underestimated. And not for its impact on the publishing industry, in specific, but on any industry that finds competitive advantage in the latency of information, or in complexity. From national security to the whole IT industry. Simplicity can be a sustainable competitive advantage. It's becoming more obvious by the day.

An excellent and timely article from Jonathan.
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