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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

RFID: Simple Concept Hobbled by Daunting Complexity

A well written article excerpted from NYTimes by CRM Buyerabout RFID - I would think that anyone knowing about RFID - observing at a distance RFID,- Simple Concept Hobbled By Daunting Complexity Excerpts:

Like investing or hitting a tennis ball, using radio scanners to wirelessly identify consumer products seems simple in concept, but in reality, it is dauntingly complex.The biggest challenge for retailers and their suppliers has been melding the building blocks of RFID into systems that are reliable without being cumbersome or unduly expensive. Unlike the RFID systems that automatically collect tolls from motorists or control access to buildings, those designed for commerce call for disposable, batteryless tags that are tiny and unobtrusive. And since the tags are meant to be slapped on every pallet or carton or even on every item, they must be cheap enough for businesses to buy them by the hundreds of millions.
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