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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Relationship Between the PageRank and the Number of Backlinks

PR Weaver's Blog publishes and interesting article about the pagerank computation. Excerpts:

PRweaver writes, "On the forums or by email I am often asked the following sort of question: "How many Backlinks do I need to get in order to have PR5?". The answer is simple and always the same one: "This question cannot be answered because the PR doesn't only depend on the number of backlinks, it also and above all depends on the PR of each of those links...". Or to put it differently, a page can have PR5 with a single backlink whereas another one can have 3,000 backlinks and PR5 too.
As a result it seems useless to carry out this type of analysis... Except if one is to compare the results in the long term. That's what I have been doing over the past eight months by analysing tens of thousands of pages. For each data I get the number of backlinks and the PR of the page with those links. The data do not come from a tool using a Google Toolbar crack but from the "MyWri" tools on WebRankInfo which enables each WebRrankInfo member to instantly get the PR and the number of backlinks of 10 chosen sites (many other free SEO tools are also freely provided)".


The results are presented as a table in the PRweaver blog.

The conclusions drawn in the blog are:

- With a few exceptions, whatever the PR is, more backlinks than the month before are required every month to get a given PR.
- As expected, one needs far more backlinks in order to get a high PR than a low one. Even if there may be exceptions, because the study deals with a good number of data, it gives experimental support to the theoretical hypotheses or ideas never proved before but only discussed in forums.
- During this summer (2004), Google changed the behaviour of the link: command which now includes low PR pages. Only PR4 or higher PR pages used to be listed by this command. Conversely since this summer you can also list the low PR pages backlinks, which you can see in the table
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