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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

New economy V2.0

PRPlanet writes, that the rapid emergence of blogs (and most notably of this blog;) is tied to the collective sentiment that something important is happening. We want to share new ideas, to verify that we’re not the only ones thinking them. Four new breakthroughs in the technology domain are revolutinizing the digital world.

MP3s enables the free distribution of music (legal or not). Before our eyes, we’re seeing the revolution (or dissolution) of a music industry. New business models concerning music are waiting to be developed.

Skype allows users to telephone between two PCs anywhere in the world for free. For just a few cents, we can call a fixed line. Skype will soon begin to work with mobile telephones, forcing telecom operators to redefine their business models.

The blog and the use of google news are changing the way that we inform ourselves. Once again, free information is available on the Web. We now know that paying for a newspaper does not ensure the quality of content (nor the contrary). The business model that has long been behind the written press is at stake.

Web television (ADSL TV in France) is the latest revolution. In France, the number of subscribers to this service is exploding. Even if this is a bit complicated both technically and economically, we should soon see the arrival of new TVs …

While these existed 10 years ago,technological and commercial improvements have allowed these ideas to become a reality. The real benefactors of this revolution will be emerging countries. They can access information at low costs as soon as the Internet becomes available everywhere. This will be a worthwhile adjustment. For already developed countries, this will be the opportunity to build the future on a new foundation …

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