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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Google Crosses Ten Billion!

( Via Inside Google) A Google search for "the", which used to contain 9,580,000,000 results, now reports 10,980,000,000 results. Google can now officially claim to be the first search engine to crack 10 billion, and basically 11 billion. the page count jumped by over 33% -- that is the big news.
Why does it matter? Because Google has either:
a) has googlebot crawling at a feverish pace, so much that other bots will be hard pressed to match (Slurp and MSNbot).
b) Google is now indexing other possible file types that we are not aware of.
or c) Google's reporting of the count is "broken".
What matters is not the page count, but why the page count is as high as it is now.

Update: After I published this, I came across this Google's index nearly doubles, published by Google Blog.Bill Coughran,V.P., Engineering, Google writes, that the number of pages in the google index has more than doubled to excess of 8 billion pages.The documents in Google's index are in dozens of file types from HTML to PDF, including PowerPoint, Flash, PostScript and JavaScript. Together these pages represent a good chunk of the world's information, but hardly all of it. Bill concludes by writing,"The real test is how well we do in finding what you want from within those pages. We'll keep improving that too". Google continues to dazzle and never ceases to amaze. With broadband picking up, search technology improving, blogging getting into mainstream, the next major index update of google will see yet another major increase in the number of pages that get indexed.
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