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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Connectedness - Social Network Analaysis

Bruce Hoppe dedicated to the study and practice of effective collaboration introduces an interesting site called Touchgraph Given a URL, TouchGraph will draw you a nifty network of websites connected to it. On first try it appears as if it was drawing networks based on actual links from one page to another. TouchGraph draws not networks of Internet links but networks of "Google-related" web-pages - it is not clear how the Google-related function works, as based on the experience of trying some of the URL's that I tried, could not understand the patterns of relationships thrown out by the system. Bruce adds, From TouchGraph there is a link to Google Set Vista by Chris Langreiter, which does something similar, but starting with names rather than URLs. Chris encourages users to enter philosopher names and see what networks come up. Imagine for a moment how these kinds of tools will evolve, and how the blogosphere will grow, and it's easy to see that existing social network software is just scratching the surface, concludes Bruce.

Touchgrpah says, User interest data is processed to create interest nodes, which connect to users sharing that interest. "unloaded" icons now appear over user nodes for which friendship data has not yet been retrieved. One builds up the graph by double clicking on unloaded user nodes. Mutually shared interests float over the user clusters. Moving the mouse over an interest highlights users sharing that interest, and moving a mouse over a user highlights the friends and interests of the user. By examining the interests above and between clusters one can see which subjects bring together individuals and communities.

Sometime back, a beta search engine Kartoo similar in its approach - but essentially finding out all the related sites, based on results from various search engines was launched. while I am not clear about the exat difference between these two, based on descriptions given by respective tools and very limited period of trying out Touchgraph looks more sophisticated. Watch this blog for more updates on this topic in the next one week.
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