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Monday, November 15, 2004

10 Commandments For Building A Real-Time Enterprise

( Via Kingsley Idehen) Well Known integration expert, Nigel Stokes ,CEO of DataMirror in the Business Integration Journal writes,"To successfully create a live, secure enterprise driven by effective, real-time data integration, organizations should follow 10 commandments that can significantly enhance the experiences and strategic advantages of operating in a live environment".

Nigel's 10 commandments are listed below (do read the complete article for perspective):

- Thou shalt establish clear leadership and ownership.
- Thou shalt examine vertical and horizontal integration needs.
- Thou shalt eliminate data silos for effective internal information sharing.
- Thou shalt take a step-by-step approach to integration.
- Thou shalt leverage existing investment wherever possible.
- Thou shalt examine IT investments that support emerging technologies.
- Thou shalt give high priority to system security.
- Thou shalt conform to corporate and regulatory mandates.
- Thou shalt provide partners with timely access to corporate data.
- Thou shalt keep the customer in mind at all times.

In the case of the Real-Time Enterprise,there is really only one commandment for the commercial enterprise (to be specific): Attain leadership in your chosen market place.

If you understand that this is the basis of any commercial enterprise, since no CEO worth his/her salt aims to finish second in their market place. Then investments in IT would be increasingly oriented towards this goal. Thus, the items listed in the 10 commandments will simply become second nature en route to realization of the Real-Time Enterprise vision.( View Courtesy - Kingsley Idehen )

Enterprises are still in the stages of IT evolution with specificity that is perceived to be unavoidable across the following realms:

- Application Architecture (Monolithic)
- Database Management (proprietary as opposed to standards based data access)
- Operating Systems (you should know this story by now)
- Programming Languages (Java or nothing, C# or nothing etc..)
- Technology Religion / Movement (e.g. Open Source, Free Software et al.)
So maybe we do need the 10 commandments after all, as the message needs to be simpler in these primitive IT times :-)

Looking forward,I see Web 1.0 (first coming of the Web) as duly placing the role of John the Baptist (we know what happened to him), and the real thing being Web 2.0+ (a web and internet specific spin on the Real-Time Enterprise vision), which is currently pretty much in its infancy.
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