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Friday, October 01, 2004

Web2.0 -Next big thing: The Web as your servant

The Web is over. Now comes the next big thing, growing out of the primordial soup of wireless and wired networks, gadgets, software, satellites and social changes created over the past decade.This is the real Internet.Some in tech call it the world network. A big part of the promise is that it will turn the Web around: Instead of having to find information or entertainment, it will find you — and be exactly what you want or need at that moment. The network becomes a butler.The Web, though, is becoming the first piece of the bigger network as it meshes with new technologies that started from disparate corners of the industry — such as Wi-Fi wireless broadband connections, the Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio frequency identification tags (RFID).The technologies are becoming a network of networks, enabled by a sea of powerful new devices and databases, all interlinked and talking to each other.On that world network, companies will build services only dreamed about during the Web mania. In the Web era, you went on the Internet to find something — you sat down at a computer and tapped into search engines or shopping sites. In the new era, the network and the information will give you, unprompted, what you want depending on where you are and what you're doing.The economics in place are 1,000 times better than 10 years ago, says Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen. "If you launch an Internet business today, it's probably going to cost you about a tenth of what it would have cost five years ago, but you're going to have 10 times more consumers you can address and probably 10 times the ad revenue," Andreessen says. "And people are going to be 10 times more willing to buy online. So you have this big economic swing" in favor of a next wave.Motorola is aiming its whole corporate strategy at what it calls "seamless mobility." The company wants to make both the wireless gadgets and infrastructure to allow information to follow you anywhere, switching between wired, Wi-Fi and cell networks without you having to do anything."The big change is going to be when the Internet follows you, not you trying to follow the Internet," says Motorola CEO Ed Zander. "It's just there. Your life is just affected the way it's affected today by the lights in a room.""We're at an incredibly exciting place," says Macromedia's Ramadan. "The kinds of products and services we'll see in the next five years will make those of the past five years look like child's play." It is now clar that th intrnet world is now in a sweet spot and would look very diffrent in the next five years.
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