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Friday, October 08, 2004

Scoble's insightful recommendations to Bill Gates

Robert Scobleizer,Microsoft's famous blogger has this to say in his message in a bottle to Gates. Scoble is on the mark. The future is about content. People want to create, disseminate and aggregate content.As significantly as it's about creating content it's about freeing the content and opening it all up to access with powerful new tools including search and RSS and all of it. Scoble in his own words,"This is a major trend. Microsoft should get behind it. Bigtime. Humans want to create things. We want to send them to our friends and family. We want to be famous to 15 people. We want to share our lives with our video camcorders and our digital cameras. Get into Flickr, for instance. Ask yourself, why is Sharepoint taking off? (Tim O'Reilly told us that book sales of Sharepoint are growing faster than almost any other product). It's the urge to create content. To tell our coworkers our ideas. To tell Bill Gates how to run his company! Isn't this all wild?
Now that everyone is creating content, we want to consume it. That's where news aggregators come in. NewsGator. FeedDemon. NetNewsWire. Bloglines. Radio UserLand. RSS Bandit. SharpReader.
And services that help us find content. Feedster. Technorati. Pubsub. Google. My Yahoo. MSN.
And services that help us organize our content. Del.icio.us. My Yahoo. Outlook. And MSN? Google?
And systems that help us deliver our content. Bittorrent. iPodder.
The impulse to create is strong. The impulse to share is strong. The impulse to consume is strong.These are the trends for the digitial decade. Next week you'll see the new Media Center. It has an RSS aggregator available for it.It's interesting, at Gnomedex (a geek-centric conference) about 90% of the audience uses a news aggregator already. Do you see the trend? Is this a trend that gets Microsoft's attention? Absolutely the best that Gates would have loved to hear this idea at this juncture for Microsoft to focus particularly when Longhorn is getting further delayed.

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