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Saturday, October 09, 2004

RFIG - Tagged Contents and Virtual Projection

Future Now points out to Mitubistshi service in the area of Photosensing RFID in for location area services.Wireless tags such as RFID (radio frequency identification) are becoming ubiquitous in inventory management. However, it is difficult to precisely locate the tags using a handheld device. This problem by using a hybrid of radio frequency and optical communication with the tag.The handheld device consists of a RF reader plus a data projector. The Radio Frequency Identity and Geometry (RFIG) system consists of a hand-held projector that shines dynamic images onto physical objects of the user's preference, and radio frequency identification tags augmented with photosensors, which identify objects for the projector. Radio frequency identification tags contain tiny, inexpensive chips that are read using radio waves. Photosensors detect light intensity.The system can be used to find and track inventory, guide robots or precision handling systems on assembly lines, locate small instruments and track movement of items in health care settings, keep track of objects in homes, offices and libraries, and enable games to integrate real and virtual objects. A projector, say a hand-held device, detects tags in a box, then projects a picture of the contents of the box on its outside. This can have significant application value in the transportation and retails sectors.
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