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Saturday, October 16, 2004

MP3 losing steam?

Back when there were just MP3s, everything worked well. The quality was good enough for most, the compression was reasonable and everyone could make it work. The recording industry was ofcourse quite uposet.As technology has progressed, niw there are a mulittude of music standards, it does not surprise that the percentage of MP3-formatted songs in digital-music collections has slid steadily in recent months , down to about 72 percent of people's collections from about 82 percent a year ago.People are still getting MP3s and putting them on hard drives but are deleting them at a rate faster than they're acquiring them.The big winners over the past year have been the two formats backed by Microsoft and Apple,(WMA or AAC) each of which has gained about 5 percent "hard-drive share" in the past year, according to the ongoing study.The slow shift in MP3's role is part of an ongoing change in the digital-music industry, with the focus moving slowly away from the anarchic file-swapping networks and toward money-making stores and services such as Apple's iTunes Music Store. The bigger shift has come as more people have begun building their own digital-music collections by ripping their CDs into files on their computer, analysts say. Many mainstream users, who are less tech-savvy than the early adopters of digital music, use whatever format is built in as the default option in their music software, instead of selecting MP3. One thing remains clear, however: Even if its usage patterns are changing, MP3 remains the one necessary format for hardware and software companies.
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