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Sunday, October 03, 2004

HP upset with Jonathan Schwartz's blogs? Via Zdnet

Jonathan Schwartz,President and COO, Sun Microssytems became the highest ranking Tier 1 vendor executive to start a publicly accessible, regularly updated Web log and since starting, has routinely shredded HP on its strategies and announcements. Zdnet published Blog wars: HP, cut and bleeding, begs Schwartz for mercy wherein it is said that HP has reportedly writtent to Sun asking that Schwartz remove HP from the target list of his sharp-tounged Web log commentaries. I am regularly reading Mr.Schwartz's blog from the day it got published and find it very professional, insightful and backed by solid facts- it is true that he takes on his competitors like HP , but those are generally based on facts and data. His recent blog entry where he has written to George that perhaps he has not communucated well to him about Sun's view of redhat as reflected in George's article speaks about Jonathan's general approach.
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