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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Google's new desktop tools

Google has rolled out new tools for the desktop. First is Picasa, downloadable here. Upon installation,Picasa automatically finds and indexes all graphics file on your computer,picasa comes with limited editing capabilities and is very simple to use and intuitive. The next tool is Google Desktop, an extension of the Google search tool, downloadable here. Upon installation, Google Desktop will automatically find and keyword-index all documents, accessible from Google Desktop icon on the desktop. The access and results( Both the web and desktop can be searched) are rendered like in Google internet search, arrangeable by relevance and date. Desktop search covers all Microsoft office files but currently does not include - XML,PDF,Zipped Files. The next step would be including the ability to search all desktops/specified other computers in the LAN /WAN - Serving as a corporate information finder. Sean Daniel while finding Google Search to be faster points out the following issues :
• You have to open IE to search your hard drive (why can't you just search from the task bar?)
• The search doesn't span web and desktop, you can choose one or the other
• Viewing mail changes the mail messages into web format, so you can't deal with it as a mail message anymore
• Viewing docs is the same as above
• It only searches your local machine, not the entire LAN, this is big for me, since I have a server to search!
• Finally, the privacy statement about what they search on your hard drive is a little skimpy, what do they actually consider private?
The Google Desktop search is definitely better than the Windows search and marks the beginning of Google's entry into the desktop. With speculation about google coming out with the Google Operating System, the beta launc of Picasa and Desktop Search assumes significance.
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